Experience the Enchanting Aura of Spiritual Fantasy Art in Your Home!

Each artwork is meticulously crafted with love and meticulous attention to detail, emanating profound positive spiritual energy. These exquisite pieces not only adorn your walls but also convey a powerful message while exuding a distinct aura in any space.

Using acrylics and employing a range of painting techniques, I bring to life fairy-tale, fantasy, romantic, and spiritual scenes that mesmerize. The themes of these artworks can be customized to align with your preferences, ensuring their uniqueness and personal touch.

Please bear in mind that the actual colors of the artwork may exhibit slight variations in shades and brightness when compared to photographs.

I take immense pride in presenting my paintings on eco-friendly wooden-framed canvases, available in various dimensions. Additionally, I offer heart-shaped, rhombus-shaped, and square-shaped canvas artworks, as well as round and oval-shaped creations on primed canvas mounted on hardboard.

Price list

  • 20×30 cm – 40€
  • 40×60 cm – 100€
  • 50×70 cm – 140€
  • 50×100 cm – 180€
  • 50×120 cm – 200€
  • Paintings on canvas in the shape of hearts, rhombuses, and squares measuring 40 cm – 70€
  • Paintings round and oval in primed canvas on hardboard 30-40 cm in diameter – 60€
  • Paintings on painting paper, without frame (if you want to frame yourself) – dimensions 50×65 – 100€. Frames for 50×65 paintings are around 30 d0 40€.

Orders & Payments

Make your order by emailing: info@yourangelfairy.com

We send packages within Croatia by GLS or Croatian Post.

We send packages outside of Croatia by Croatian Post.

New arrival of paintings in January 2024.

70€ Magic tree with pearls - acrylic 40x40 cm

60€ Between day and night - acrylic 40 cm diameter

70€ Fairy light - akril 40x40

60€ The beauty of music - acrylic 30x40 cm

60€ Tiger Woman - acrylic 30x40cm

70€ Dragons - acrylic 40x40 cm

200€ Little mermaid with dolphins and friends - acrylic 50x120 cm

100€ Magic night - acrylic 40x60 cm

100€ The world of good fairies - acrylic 40x60 cm

180€ Stairways to Heaven + Moana - acrylic 50x100 cm

180€ Kvarner - acrylic 50x100 cm (premade order)

100€ Enchanted Forest - acrylic 40x60 cm

140€ Mother Divine - acrylic 50x70 cm

140€ Jesus - acrylic 50x70 cm

300€ Blue water lilies inspired by Monet - acrylic 50x50 cm

100€ Poppies - acrylic 50x65 cm

100€ Angel of light - acrylic 40x60 cm

100€ Polar night - acrylic 40x60 cm

100€ Eternal Forest Love - acrylic 40x60 cm

100€ Mother Nature - acrylic 50x65 cm

100€ Early autumn - acrylic 60x40 cm

100€ Magical forest - acrylic 50x65 cm

250€ Inspired by the Fifth Element with changed main characters as

pre-ordered! - acrylic 50x65 cm

60€ Autumn colors - acrylic 30x45 cm

100€ Nostalgia - acrylic 50x65 cm

40€ Polar light - acrylic 20x30 cm

40€ Angel of love - acrylic 20x30 cm

(premade order)

150€ Newlyweds - acrylic 30x40 cm

(premade order)

40€ Still life - acrylic 40x40 cm

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