Angel Fairy Mermaid Oracle Cards

This beautiful booklet is full of angelic messages that can help you to heal, and information about angels, fairies, mermaids, and elementals. It describes 9 choirs of angels (seraphim, cherubim, angels of the throne, dominions, virtue, powers, principalities, 18 archangels, and a guardian angel), Jesus and the Mother Mary – the queen of angels, 7 fairies (angels of nature), 10 mermaids (angels of water) and elementals (sylph, water sprites, 6 elves, green man & woman) and unicorn.

It comes with a deck of 55 colored angelic cards, with images, names, and messages. Each card has a unique image on the back, while the fronts have different images of angelic beings and their message. The description of angelic beings, as well as the meaning of the individual card and positive affirmations, are in the book, along with explanations of how to interpret the cards. At the end of the book, there is also information about the author and her angelic healing course.

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Napomena: Autor ovog tečaja ne snosi odgovornost za vaše postupke i način na koji primjenjujete informacije koje se nalaze u njemu. Niti jedan dio ovog tečaja ne predstavlja medicinski, psihološki ili bilo koji drugi oblik savjet. Autor pruža samo općenite informacije s ciljem pomoći vam da pronađete vlastiti put ka unapređenju emocionalnog i duhovnog blagostanja te da naučite neke tehnike iscjeljivanja.

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